WeConekt Joins Forces With Midwest Sales Group To Better Support 12 Volt Dealers

WeConekt Joins Forces With Midwest Sales Group To Better Support 12 Volt Dealers

WeConekt Joins Forces With Midwest Sales Group To Better Support 12 Volt Dealers

Directly In The Territory.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, March 30, 2020 – WeConekt, a hybrid business consulting and marketing company with founders who have a history in the 12 Volt market, announced joining forces with Midwest Sales Group, a sales representative firm - specializing in representing some of the world’s top car audio brands in the Wisconsin and Illinois territories. “We wanted to team up with WeConekt because we saw how they could be a huge resource for our dealers with their wide range of services and deep understanding of our market,” said Steve Fahlmark , President of Midwest Sales Group.  WeConekt offers many services between business management consulting and marketing – their first approach is not to try and sell the client any particular service, but to get a 360 view of the company and then offer only what is needed.  All plans are highly specialized to each client

Timing for joining forces with Midwest Sales Group couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time with everyone in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, where many are faced with new norms and how to reorganize business to accommodate for these new norms.  “We are excited to be working with 12 Volt dealers in the territory, as we feel this is a greatly underrepresented category online in today’s world of consumer brands.  We recognize this is a tough time for everyone and are ready to support those who are interested,” said Allison Lopez, CEO of WeConekt.  One thing is for sure, an online presence at this time is imperative as more eyes than ever are on social media, virtual events and other communication platforms, proving once again that the internet is here to stay.  It is a time to try new ways and figure out how to continue meeting customers’ expectations in a relevant way.

WeConekt will help dealers in the territory refine their brand, better develop their differentiators, and get them in front of their customers at multiple touchpoints. “Every plan has to be supported by a well thought out strategy, unique to each individual business. We look forward to working Midwest Sales Group and developing successful relationships with dealers across the market”, said Risa Schultz, SVP Weconekt.

WeConekt offers a free 30-minute consultation. Dealers can contact Midwest Sales Group or WeConekt directly to schedule.

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About WeConekt:

Weconekt is a hybrid agency, combining business consulting services and creation of marketing content.  Weconekt was founded by Allison and Eddie Lopez, serial entrepreneurs, along with Risa Schultz, a long-time marketing executive.  The trio has a history of working together for the past 20 years starting out in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and individual experience covering many industries, such as Health & Wellness; Home Automation; Technology; Food & Beverage; Fashion and Beauty.  Why a hybrid agency? “A hybrid agency gives us the flexibility to help the client based on what the client needs as opposed to trying to sell the client a particular program,” says, Risa Schultz, SVP.  WeConket’s approach is to help clients achieve growth through methods that are fitting. This is in line with two of the six Weconekt “words to live by,” which are “people come first” and “think like an owner.” Allison Lopez, CEO says, “all companies want to grow their business and know that digital marketing is a solution. However, while digital is a big part of every go-to-market strategy, it isn’t always the answer if other things are not in place. After starting and growing many companies, we find that a company’s success comes down to an equation that is unique to that company and most of all how that equation is executed.” Weconekt’s mission is to grow brands, create experience and solve business challenges.  To give clients a taste of what this means, Weconekt offers a free 30 min consultation. Take advantage of this opportunity by signing up for it at www.weconekt.com