Midwest Sales Group Launches New Company Website

Midwest Sales Group Launches New Company Website

YORKVILLE, ILLINOIS, May 29, 2020 – Midwest Sales Group, a manufacturers sales representative firm servicing the Illinois and Wisconsin territory is thrilled to announce the launch of their company’s new website designed by WeConekt, a business consulting and marketing company they represent.  Midwest Sales Group recently joined forces with WeConekt to further provide a resource to support growth strategies, marketing and digital transformation for their distribution network.

“The addition of WeConekt to our line card, further emphasized the need for a company website.  It was something I had wanted to put in place for some time and the WeConekt training reiterated the importance of an online presence.  As a company, it is important to set the right example for our dealers, and a website is the first step in developing a digital existence. The new website is an excellent platform to showcase our company, the manufacturers we represent and serve as a resource for our dealers and distributors, not to mention enthusiasts in the territory,” said Steve Fahlmark, Principal – Midwest Sales Group.

Midwest Sales Group has a long history of being ahead of the curve, winning many industry awards for outstanding representation with top brands and it’s no surprise that they’ve taken the lead as a rep firm establishing an online presence to further communicate their brands in the local market.

Risa Schultz, SVP at WeConekt said, “We wanted to design a modern website that told the story of Midwest Sales Group and represented their passion, energy and commitment to their manufacturers and the industry.  In building this site we wanted to not only speak to the distribution, but also speak to the enthusiast, so it didn’t matter who in the distribution chain landed on the site - all would connect.  This is an industry that was built on passion and all sites in this market should be communicating the excitement from the enthusiast, after all that’s what truly inspires and creates growth.”

The site design is clean and showcases the various product categories represented, highlighting each manufacturer. The imagery reflects the lifestyles offered by the premium brands the firm represents, while best practices for SEO and user experience were followed. The defined messaging and copy writing was meticulously crafted to capture attention and connect with enthusiasts.  

Midwest Sales Group is encouraging their dealers to build solid profiles online with social media platforms and company website that represents the quality of work they deliver.  No doubt the business environment has changed, and consumer behaviors have changed - Midwest Sales Group is getting ready to embrace these changes.  Check out the new website at www.midwestsalesgrp.com.

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About Midwest Sales Group:

Midwest Sales group is a sales representative firm immersed in the Car Technology and Consumer Electronics markets, representing premium brands in the Illinois and Wisconsin territories for over 25 years. The firm’s top priority is building strong relationships with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers. They work closely with their partners to provide training, education and sales and marketing support.